ppl on this sub are generally too casual-pilled to like this take but I completely agree! ygo is a complicated game and thinking through plays and interactions w your opponent is where a lot of the fun comes from imo


Fairy tail snow, rarely comes in handy but when it does it does big time, I think the constant asking to use her effect has cost me more games though


Oh hell nah bro losing to timer on branded despia 💀


i mean they're not saying the problem is that their combos take too long, its about reading the opponent's cards so you know how to use your interactions. for that, it doesnt really matter what deck you're playing


That is why you yolo that shit, duh. No need to read when it is time to ay the smackdown. What they play Myuyant Alien from outer space that has 1.2k attack and 300 defense, look for the key words like negate, cannot, unaffected etc. if yes to any, be concerned. if no laugh out loud and win because you are playing Braindead Despia /s


Did you read the post ? I mean what is after the title and the first 2 lines. Real question.


That’s my point, branded despia combo is 30 seconds off the timer max, how are you spending 4 and a half minutes reading cards? Especially in this current meta where it’s all the same decks with the same cards.


You should have enough time to think all your games, not only vs meta decks.


I honestly do not understand how difficult of a thought it would be that every opponent special summon, or effect activation from graveyard or hand, on YOUR turn, should not only pause the clock but add time to your turn?? The timer is nice to encourage pace, sure, but how can you justify making people scramble in the last minute because the game state changed on them, allowing for no additional time to alter plans. Even worse, poor connection often screws players over because the game lags behind while the timer counts down. Even when said lag is from an opponents connection! If an animation stutters, but the clock continues, you get robbed of time. Who designed this??


I did a virtual world combo that left me with 30 seconds on the timer and 3 interruptions on board and still didn't run out of time during my opponents turn. You have to play the game with an idea in your head of what you _will not_ allow the opponent to do. You have to go into the turn with an idea of what exactly you _do not_ want your opponent to accomplish. You can't go into their turn thinking you're gonna pause and think about each of their plays. When they play a card, you scan it quickly and look for anything that falls under the category of thing you don't want your opponent doing. For instance some cards summon a monster from GY to extend plays. That usually falls under the category of things I don't want my opponent doing. So whenever a card gets played I instantly scan for the words "target", "GY" and "summon". If I don't see those words I know this card isn't gonna be that key to their gameplay so I move in to the next card, only if i _do_ see those words will I double back and actually read the card to learn its exact way of operation. This also helps you avoid having your negates baited out to cheaply. A clear cut idea of what you can and can't afford to let your opponent do will ensure you only use your interruptions on those specific things you know are dangerous to allow. You have to learn how to scan a card's text and pick op on red flag keywords suggest a card might advance your opponent's strategy or hurt yours.


All I gathered from that was “I play suboptimally and don’t note all necessary information because there isn’t enough time.” If your suggestion is “don’t read the whole card to avoid timing out”, you’ve made my point for me.


Timer is enough if you are either a medic knowing all cards organics by heart, an engineer with strong logic skills to build a strategy and focus on what is essential, or a lawyer aware about all weaknesses hidden in the words. Every player is some of those for sure, right ?


People really be acting like you gotta have a Master's at Dueling to play Master Duel.


Hi, local Endymion player here, and I think they should make the timer even shorter.


You're removing 6 Spell Counters to do what? Well, I'm low on time... I'm sure it's nothing. Proceed.


Funny, meanwhile I said during the survey that they could reduce it further.


imagine needing 8 minutes to activate branded fusion meanwhile spyral, pendulum, adamancipator, & dragon link players full comboing no problem


Imagine my timer running out on my opponents turn. It wasn’t because I was resolving branded fusion but because I was interacting with their board state and card effects.


Yeah people are completely missing your point. It's not about the amount of time the turn takes for your deck. It's about having to read every card you're unfamiliar with so you don't get the rug pulled out from under you.


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OP explains what game sense is


I actually like the anxiety of the timer Signed, a D/D/D player




I won to a poor dragon link because he couldn’t finish his turn one board. It looked good too


Honestly, I understand what you mean. However, the timer doesn't need to be longer. You really do not need to read most of the cards honestly. When effects are going off now they are highlighted anyway, the rest of it is fluff. I don't know why Yugioh has put LITERAL paragraphs in there cards but, it is what it is. I am actually glad I haven't played in person in 15 years cause these descriptions would be insane in person. ​ I get the frustration but, I think with time spent with most common decks that you will see in the higher levels you will just remember the one thing they they are used for, negates, can't be targeted, protects, etc. That is my belief at least.


The only time I've ever lost to the timer was when I was playing the dumbest Six Sams Exodia deck and the final piece was in the last two cards of my deck and I had to specifically draw without decking myself. I could not finish drawing in time and I lost to the timer. I sometimes feel kinda restricted because I play Six Sams with obnoxiously long combos with Baseball Kid OTK or Trishula hand wipe but I still managed to not lose to the timer in those games. I'm biased and I would love the timer to have a few more seconds on it, maybe 10 or 15 more, but honestly it's just fine most of the time as it is.


This may or may not help But i suggest just read key words Like if a card said Special summon,add or removes a card on your field Then 9/10 times its a sign to deal with said card


I'd argue the time limit is enough for players who know about their deck. They should probably playtest in casual so they are familiar enough to confidently play in ranked. If they DQ, they are not confident with their deck and therefore the problem, not the time. Maybe that's just me, but I prefer to have the opponent DQed because they take unreasonably long rather than having to wait additional minutes for them to eventually finish a combo that should not have taken so long to begin with.


You would be incorrect. I am intimately familiar with my deck. I have played it hundreds of times. The problem is not unfamiliarity with my own deck, but with the intricacies of my opponents. If they special 4 monsters with 200+ words each, it will take me a few moments to decide which is the appropriate target for my Mirrorjade and Guardian Chimera, as well as planning how to interact with the chain as to chainblock in the proper places. Yugioh is wildly complicated and being punished for having to read a book is outrageous


If only there was a mode where you could play in a more casual setting to practice these new cards to you without any risk. Or what about a mode where you could play solo and not have a timer at all? I dunno, maybe someday Konami will put in these modes to cater to people casually or solo


Tell me you read on a 3rd grade level without telling me


Damn, that was super edgy


How is my comment edgy Lmfao? Let’s break down your issue. First of all you play branded despia jk. For real I’m relatively new to yugioh (I don’t even know how pends works) and I don’t take 8 mins to read my opponents cards. Currently in plat 3 got there with galaxy eyes, if you know the bare vocabulary in the game ✨use context clues✨ search, ss from hand/gy/deck, board breakers, any negates, etc is usually a bad thing and you should negate. Reading a card should take no more than 2 minutes max unless you read under a 3rd grade level or don’t know the mechanics/ vocab which I’m assuming you kno. Also what I’m betting you do is read the opponents card, wait, and debate whether you should “banish” or not because you don’t know the deck. Which is perfectly normal but you shouldn’t be picking your nose make a quick educated decision you know the time limit move accordingly. If a galaxy eyes player (I also play agents) who started yugioh around spring never timed out you can do it unless you read under a 3rd grade level.