Audit records from Cyber Ninjas to be released following Arizona Supreme Court decision

Audit records from Cyber Ninjas to be released following Arizona Supreme Court decision


Russian trolls, Trump, and the Arizona “fraudit” All over Reddit, paid Russian government disinformation trolls are defending the fraudulent Arizona recount. Often, their defense is subtle — “let it play out”, “Trump lost and can’t be reinstated, so what’s the harm?”, “if you didn’t commit fraud, why are you afraid of the recount?”, “how is it fraudulent?” And we know that Putin’s piglet (what the Russian media calls Trump) sees this “fraudit” as his last hope. The fact that Russian trolls are so ardently defending it shows that Putin, too, sees it as his last chance to get Trump back in or, at the very least, to cause widespread violent unrest in the country. Please write to your Congressman and Senators expressing your concern and urging them to press the DOJ to take action. If the Trumpist/QAnon firm conducting the bogus Arizona “audit” succeeds in altering enough ballots to falsely claim Trump won Maricopa County, Republicans all over the country will force the same procedure in every state Biden flipped and very well might take to the streets with even more violence than on January 6. This farce needs to be stopped now! Just to recap about the “recount”: 1. ⁠AZ elections officials, including Republicans, conducted several recounts and found no discrepancies. They certified the vote as accurate. So, this is just grandstanding and a political power-play. 2. ⁠The company Cyber Ninjas doing this farcical recount has no experience in such a thing, were hired by partisan Republicans, and are headed by a man who is a declared Trumpist and a Q anon adherent. 3. ⁠There is no oversight 4. ⁠It is illegal for non elections officials to handle sealed ballots When this first started, those doing the recount had blue pens with them, which are totally illegal to have near a ballot as they can be used to alter a ballot. A judge had to stop that, but it was not until time had elapsed.


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