If you search 'Character Background' in the sub, you can find bunch of different stories while you're waiting for responses.


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Sort of lmao So I wanted to make a serious background for my character Annie, who ended up being the cute young 18-year-old scholarly-minded collector wife... of my husband's ugly-ass 30-year-old greasy Italian-looking dude 😂 My husband named him Tony Malone the Irish-Italian, and decided that he seduced my girl away from her wealthy family with his greasy Italian charm (which apparently includes occasionally dressing up in a moustache, cap and overalls like Mario) into a life of crime and hobo-ness 😂 ... Oh, and Tony Malone rides a palomino Morgan named Arthur. Because of course he does 😂


Ok but that's adorable 😂


This is hilarious and heartwarming at the same time, im glad there are other couples out there having fun with games together 😂 Then there's us, my gf attracts them and I just have to wait hidden on the hill 😈


Mine… has a lot. Even the horses have one https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WqRCXSxOYTolkjJTaw4KUMi-jSSsuSlv1XzSxPnigWA/edit


Damn you went all in




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![gif](giphy|0DPbh02BDLCrmjw4re|downsized) Clearly, that's Saul Goodman. Or James McGill.




Oh boy, I'll check this out right after work!! I love lore for the RDO characters!!


Fair warning - I’m not the best writer so it won’t read like a book, and it’s tied in with the lore of my friends’ characters as well




I really don’t care, you can move on with your life now




I find it interesting friend. I enjoy writing very much and have thought about writing a Western story for a few friends and using many of my Red Dead images for it. I love reading things like this. I already am writing a fiction war story using images from Ghost Recon Breakpoint with friends and my own paintings and AI paintings as well. It is a very fun thing to do in spare time as a hobby.


Pointlessly ranting on about this to someone who doesn’t care about your opinion? Do you do anything else or is this all you do?




I’m just egging you on, I mean clearly you’ve got nothing better to do than attempt to insult an internet stranger




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How are they an Incel? Jesus christ mate's really throwing anything at the wall and seeing what sticks.


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Yeah I’m actually writing a three part story about it. After a few name changes and a new location I’ll have a whole book!


If you’re looking for feedback I’d love to read it!


It’s not very great, all of part one is on my Instagram @krist_lopez_miller_rdr2 In its first draft at the moment. Check the guides page on my profile.


Damn that shit fire hombre. Keep it up and definitely post that shit to a website we’d all love to read it when it’s ready


Thanks dude that put a smile on my face


French-Canadian trapper with crippling gout and no understanding of English.


Love it. And it's historically accurate!


My character is also half french! 🤝🏻


my character was hit by a horse and lost his memory. the first to find him was a family of rednecks who lived in the swamp, they convinced him that he was one of them. although in fact, he was a wealthy landowner. his memory soon returned, but too much time has passed, he cannot become the same.


That sounds pretty interesting! What about his family? Didn't they look for him?


he has a family and they all know about the amnesia situation. they are happy to get rid of him because he gave a lot of money to take care of the poor. bought cattle for farmers, paid for the education of children from poor families, built schools. his family didn't like it very much.


Greedy bastards


Not much of a story but my character is of Columbian decent and is the ancestor of my GTA Online character who is also Columbian


My RDO character is also Colombian lol


Long lost relatives....


My character is a serial killer I dubbed the Saint Denis Slasher. Why a serial killer? Because an year before the first roles, or any major updates for that matter, were announced there was nothing to do and I had nobody to play with. That nasty looking leather face mask was given at some point and like all who take up the mask, they become it and thus the Saint Denis Slasher was born. Currently on hiatus and wanted for the serial murder of at least 1000+ kills as of Late Summer 1898. Survivors of such encounters describe the killer as a woman, most often associated with the smell of tobacco or a can of beans.


That would make a great movie


What’s your bounty? Tell me you never pay it off!!


The slab Denis slinger!?


Yeah mines a drunk guy who spends his days looting the bodies from the daily massacre of valentine and fishing till a random 10 year olds shoots him in the head


Yes mine is a local from armadillo that took to bounty hunting after his brother was shot in a game of poker. He hunted the man down that killed his brother and shot him dead in the streets of Valentine. He turned himself in to the sheriff and was charged with murder. Once he was busted out he took to the life of bounty hunter and mercenary. He has a code he lives by and only kills those that deserve it.


Yeah my character has an in depth backstory involving Cornwall and the Pinkertons. It also includes how he met other members of my posse, 'The Posse Lickers', who all have backstories of their own.


Same! Most of my posse has their own backstories as well.


yes! i have made around 4 different characters online, all with backgrounds of varying depths. tho i will say, my current one is my favorite!


My character is a Métis man who fled south shortly after the formation of Manitoba.


Guilty 🤣 for mine, my hubby's character, and the pixel pons (cause why not?) Are they complete? 🤣🤣no🤣🤣, but I'm enjoying myself far too much to stop now Edit cause typo 🤣


Cletus was born to a family full of incest. This led to his inability to speak, diagnosed mute at age 5. Since he couldn’t speak his feelings, he resorted to violence to let his anger out. At age 14, he ran away from his family. This lead to hopping between gangs, sticking with them for a few months, then leaving for anew. His involvement with numerous gangs taught him all there is to be an outlaw, giving him a level of lethality no man can rival. Cletus has been wanted for 10 years since the age of 16. His bounty? $10,000. Many bounty hunters have tried to catch him, none have lived to tell the tale.


My friend and I started the game together and we play as a Father Daughter bandit duo, Earl and Pearl. Our head canon is that we were in a heist gone wrong, as the Mother betray us. Earl and Pearl were then sent into different prison, then breaks out as the game starts. There is a bounty where the target name is Pearl lol so we take that as the canon Mother that betrays us. Once we found that bounty we did a whole revenge episode.


Oo I actually love this


Not only background, but a future life, to make character more personal. Jennifer O'Hara, born 1881 in Alaskan territory, in a family of 5. Her Father, Jake O'Hara, was a gold digger doing well in Yukon valley. But in 1893 he lost his arm and job. As the result, Klara O'Hara, Jane's mother, went to criminal path. For 5 years she terrorized not only Alaskan towns, but her own family. In 1898, when Jennifer refused to join her gang, Klara and an other bandit tried to rape her. Fortunately, due to hunting skills father taught her and natural agility, she managed to take down outlaw, and won a knife fight against her mother, who left her a big scar on a right eye. After lawmen payed Jennifer 300 dollars for the outlaws heads, O'Hara family moved to Vancouver, but Jennifer went south, to New-Hannover, looking for a better place to herself. Her father stayed there and with Jane's siblings, Luther and Kelly, worked in harbour as a repairman. 1899-1907, she lived in 5 states, became a bounty hunter and trader. Some claim she also was an outlaw, hiding by the mask, but there is no clear answer to this time. Folk called her Scarred Jenny. In 1906 she met her future husband, lawyer Lucas Foster, and decided to leave Frontier when he got new workplace. Jennifer moved North, Seattle, where they settled down and bought a ranch for whole family. She became a school teacher, also changed her last name to Foster. 1918, she gave birth to a twins, Alex and Micheal, who where raised in healthy family. Unfortunately, Luther O'Hara was a conscript, and made an ultimate sacrifice for his country on the fields of France, 1917. Jake O'Hara passed away in 1927, leaving Kelly the last O'Hara. In 1920's Jennifer continued to work as a teacher, while Lucas becomes a commissar in Seattle's police, later being recruited by freshly-formed FBI. There he found numerous documents about a female scarred outlaw, accusations in murders, heists and bribes. Risking his work, he destroyed all files he found, making his wife clean before the law. He worked here untill 1943, when Jane and Lucas simultaneously retired. At this year also was published a book about frontier's famous people, among them was presented Scarred Jenny, with different, mostly exaggerated, stories Alex and Michael fought in Europe during WW2, as tank commander and fighter pilot respectively. Alex called his Sherman "Jane the Scarry", Michael flew on a Mustang named "Bounty Hunter". Jennifer Foster, or O'Hara, passed in 1960, in the age of 79. Her husband, sister and children were the last people alive, who knew her legend and decided to dispel her ashes on the Flat Iron Lake. Well... It may be somewhat cringey, but at least I had fun


My character is an Irish immigrant that came to the Americas to be free. Her father told her to live a life that she would remember when she was old and winery. Her father hadn't done enough of what he wanted in his youth and wanted to live instead of existing. He told her this on his death bed, being her only family he left all his land, money, and everything to her. She sold it all other than a few things she kept mostly photos and stuff like that. Then she immigrated to America. She originally planned on being a farmer but ended up in Saint Denis where a robbery went down. Authorities thought she was part of the robbery and was arrested. Then the jail break story in rdo goes down and she becomes a little bit of everything. Still thinking of a name but I love her a lot.


Mine is an Irish immigrant too!


Of course, since we have a role-playing community 🤠


Yep, but it's not finished yet.


My character is a very chiseled, bald man named Johnathan The Sinful


Mike Abel, age 26, was born to a lower class Blackwater family. Often stealing to survive and spending several days away from home, he eventually fell in with local street urchins, then a town-scale gang known for hold ups after dark. Immediately upon pocketing enough to leave home, he went on a small time robbing and killing spree out on New Hanover, foolish enough to land in federal prison. Once again, his escape was followed with more crimes, this time the growth of his micro-empire, raking in cash from both honest and illicit work. One day, he raided a Stagecoach on the road from Rhodes, and upon clearing it out, he took along the Black-Coated Shire it was hitched to, naming it Blackjack. The two are inseparable. In addition, Abel is an avid enjoyer of many weapons, though mostly a fan of the powerful and accurate Volcanic Pistol. The rhythmic click-pow brings comfort to a shootout.


Ooo I love that you included how you came across your horse.


now i want a D&D character sheet for my RDO character.


I pretend my character is first generation Metis born in Canada and moved to the states in hopes of riches, hes more of a smart guy than a shooter, He learned to survive when he got lost in the desert and than started taking on more dangerous jobs


I want to but don't know how to start 😕


Just start at the basics! Name, age, Height, etc. Small details first. Then work your way up from there.


Mine is from the frontier of Canada, moved to South Africa later on and fought in the Jameson raid, where he later fled militia service and landed in the American frontier


Well as far as I got was that he’s got an eyepatch on account of the scar over his eye. Past that I do not know… yet


I deleted my old character for personal reasons and made a new character. This new character I have a working background that i plan on expanding on eventually Edit: so far all I have is his name is Garret Reeds, he's from Roanoke Ridge area and he basically grew up living in the woods by himself for the most part.


I do haha, my character was a child born in a wealthy family who left for glory and my brothers character took a boat and somehow ended in a United States


This sounds almost like the same story my brother and I created for our characters. xD I love it!!!


There's a sub for it: r/Rdocharacterstory Though I've never posted mine because I never got everything fleshed out, Mine is an Englishwoman wrongfully arrested while traveling over seas. Scapegoating, dirty money, corruption in the law, that kind of stuff. She's seeking money to make the passage back to her homeland She learned how to shoot from her father, who was a hobby hunter


Had no idea there was a sub for it. Thank you!


I do this for a lot of customized characters. His name is Wilbur Wolffe. He immigrated to the American heartlands from a wealthy German family, winding up in Annesburg amongst the other German settlers. When the beer hall was closed, Wolffe soon discovered a passion for brewing his own drinks at home. This led to the creation of a moonshine business in Roanoke ridge.


How do you get a mask for your horse?


It's from an outlaw pass, not available anymore


Ah damn that's a shame, thanks for letting me know.


I have !




I think they meant backstories


My character is a young girl with social anxiety (that explains why she doesn't talk so much) who moved to the woods after the dead of his drunk father. She enjoys study animals and travel in search of treasures, whatever keeps her away from society. Despite that, she spends a lot of time at the clothing store when she gets to go to BlackWater.


Yes, he used to run with the Del Lobos but they never fully saw him as one of them due to being only half Mexican. They took to calling him El Coyote because he was always on the periphery, taking the scraps of what was left behind after a coach stick up or bank robbery instead of running with the pack like a true Lobo. It's been over a decade now and he takes a borderline sadistic pleasure in killing every Lobo he comes across whether they have a bounty on them or not.


There is a [sub](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rdocharacterstory/) for them. IMO, tHe most impressive backstories are ones that are born out if RDO but don’t rely on it for content. Creating a life from scratch is far more impressive than the background stories where people basically just insert their character (who has your basic “early life story”) into the already established RDO lore. There is nothing worse than lazy writing . [Here](https://elhefe821.wixsite.com/talesofthewest) is my character’s backstory and a short, one off story. I plane on filling in the gaps of his origin story with stories from his life at 18, 28, 38 and current (48).


Mine is simple. Civil war veteran. Ez


Name of character: Rhiannon ‘Razor’ Redwood Age in 1898 (online): 26 Occupation/Lifestyle: Bounty Hunter/seeking revenge After being kidnapped from her home in Saint Denis by The Vipers gang at the age of 12, it led to her parents deaths while they were trying to save her. Held hostage until 14, she manages to escape The Vipers hideout before stumbling across Sheriff Bradley of Strawberry who takes her in as his own. For the next decade she learns the skills of catching thieves & bandits, helping the Sheriff to protect the town. Now at the age of 26, she is a fully trained Bounty Hunter out for revenge on the gang who murdered her parents. Her main target is the Leader: Roscoe Tuck. The way she murders the members of The Vipers gang, is how she received her nickname ‘Razor’. During her escape from the hideout, she managed to steal one of the mens knives before slashing his throat. She still uses that very same knife to this day, so their emblem is the last thing they see before they take their last breath.


Ooo I love it!


Thank you:)


Every single game I’ve played, Minecraft, GTA, RDR2, WoW, 7DTD, my characters have a story, makes the game even more interesting tbh. But the story behind my online character? Might be a bit too complicated to type.


Yes , he is illiterate and has an IQ of 4


I love these so much! Here's mine: Eleanor Percy is a disgraced, disowned member of the British peerage. She was born into nobilty in House Percy, who occupy the title of Duke Northumbria in the north of England. To make a long story short, she caused a lot of let's say "PR problems" for her family by running with the wrong friends, earning her an ultimatum: Be disowned and cut off entirely, or disowned and given a sum of Pounds to leave to America and not return. She chose the latter, and left with a few of her unsavory compatriots to go across the ocean. After a few years, her and those friends established a small-time gang out of Rhodes using what was left of her family payout. Being 28 now, she runs a rather upper-class troupe of thieves and mercenaries, keeping everyone in a life of "luxury" to the best of her ability. Her gang is more invested in working with the political elite, greasing palms and bumping shoulders with the more corrupt elected officials in order to build rapport. It's her goal to save up enough for her gang to move back to England and find a way to take over her family's wealth and titles. Overall, she isn't a cruel or mean person. In fact, she goes to great lengths to ensure her gang are as well educated and mannered as she is. Eleanor is a very Neutral personality, only interested in her direct gain, and the gain of those she considers her new family. (And the well-being of her favourite horse from back home, Baptiste!)


I do but it’s still in the works(I forgot where I put the paper where I wrote it all down) I’m pretty sure if I were to recreate here in this comment section it would actually probably be a whole essay


Sorta. Anamaria Salazar, bounty hunter turned serial killer, doesn't have much character or background in the game beyond "likes to kill people in various ways" but ended up being the inspiration for a more complex character in my running Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. In the campaign she ends up being turned into a vampire that continues to rampage around the United States until the 1940s when she's captured and sealed away for 80 years. She's a vampire supremacist and one of the most dangerous enemies the players have had to deal with, both because of the physical danger she poses and because of her tendency to openly and brutally murder humans, risking humanity discovering the existence of vampires. One of the more memorable moments for them was when they discovered one of her victims, who she had scalped alive - a scene I pulled from Red Dead 2 with the Skinner Brothers.


i sure as shit do! Joshua Vanderpool is a young man just hitting 30 years of age, born Oct 17, 1869 just after the Civil War in which his father, Daniel Terry Vanderpool served as a Corporal of the New York Heavy Artillery D Division where he would lay down his life in the same of our country. His Mother Rebecca Elaine Vanderpool-Mydosh died when he was quite young of Consumption, where she suffered tremendously both physically and psychologically due to concern over her families future as well as the disease taking a toll on her mind and body. Josh told her “Don’t worry Ma, I’m your Evergreen, and you’re a rose bud with no thorns” in which she wittingly replies “Looks like I’m more like minced meat now baby boah.” With that, they laid her to rest and not soon after, his father was called off to war. “You’re on your own for a while boah, this world has no sympathy for the weak, and the ‘yes men’ get a shaft longer than they arms, don’t let these devil dogs run you out Josh, you hold your ground with your goddamn head high and feet firm and you show them what it is to be a Vanderpool.” Daniel continued with as much as he knew about their family lineage, gave his son a firm hug that would be his last, and rode out with his new division, never to return. Josh doesn’t know much about his lineage personally, but he comes from very respected Dutch family that had ties to the King on his father’s side and Norwegian Bear Trappers on his mother’s side back in the 1600s. His family on his father’s side immigrated to the Colonies in 1634, becoming the first wheat millers in the country. His Great Great Grandfather on his father’s side serving as a Private in the Revolutionary War during the “Winter of ’77.” On his mother’s side his great grandfather migrated from Norway and continued his trapping trade, teaching many of his family how to do the same. They were pioneers, they were soldiers, they were rebels, they were millers, they were trappers, they were farmers, they. have. been. here. After Josh decided to uproot and migrate to Wyoming in the 1870s when he was about 12 years of age, he found a train that needed a helper, and off he went. When he arrived 6 months later, he decided to settle in Johnson County, Wyoming, USA. He had a lot of trouble at first finding work and turned to petty crime to get what he needed, in extension finding a very close group of friends that grew to a brotherhood of sorts, but in early 1890, Josh’s new found friends would be round up and executed like dogs over land disputes during the infamous “Johnson County War.” Luckily the bastards were driven out and put down but that still left Mr. Vanderpool, now twice orphaned, in a very desolate unforgiving land with no trade other than what he learned in the short time being with his parents. Josh had no time to grieve for his fallen brothers, for if you stop to scratch your ass, your finger will come up missing. It was up to him now, little man in a big world is a tough thing, but he done it. He walked town to town begging, working, stealing, anything he could do to survive he would, until he realized just how much crime really does pay in comparison to a bullshit job. There was no moral conundrum, Josh was robbed of his parents, friends, brotherhood, and innocence, now its time this country paid that in repentance as far as he was concerned. For years he drifted, robbing, killing, and razing, and made a good penny doing it until his luck ran out in 1898. This is where we meet our character player in the prison wagon when he is freed by Jessica LeClerk and Mr. Horley. This is where his opportunity began. The rest is history.


Beau Vali. An orphan from a young age he took to petty thieving for small town gangs in St Denis. As he got older one of the gang leaders taught him how to ride a horse and he was a natural. He graduated from pickpocketing and small time robbery to being a currier and runner for pay. Gangs would pay him to ride away with the stolen money from banks mostly. He can weave through forests on horse back just as easily as galloping through the plains of new Austin. Quick on his feet too and deadly with a rifle. One job in particular almost got him killed when he caught word of the gang that hired him for a bank job was going to get rid of him after. He rode away with the money and kept it. Now he is on the run from said gang as well as the law, doing odd jobs here and there until he can get rid of the heat that’s on him.


[Darragh Dunleary](https://imgur.com/O75R64e) Born in Inchigeelagh, County Cork, Ireland, year of our Lord 1830. A furrier by trade he immigrated to Alexandria, Virginia with his wife 1858. With little money to his name his hopes to make a life as a farmer in the "new world" were not realized and was relegated to unskilled labor in various trades. When the Civil War started, he chose alliance to the Union unlike many of his compatriots. Fearing reprisal, he and his wife fled to New York that same year, where work was even more scarce. He enlisted in the Union Army's Irish Brigade 69th New York Infantry Reg. reaching the rank of Sgt. by wars end. The New York City Cholera Outbreak of 1866 would claim his wife shortly after he returned from war. Having no reason to remain in the city Dun took work as a wagon train escort for the many Irish taking advantage of the Homestead Act Dakota Boom land rushes between 1866 and 1880, until his last job landed him in a small town called Valentine. Tired of life on the trail, he befriended a man named Cripps, located camp in New Hanover and bought a butcher table putting his skill as a furrier to use. He's a good man. However, after the atrocities of war and hardships he has witnessed on the trail, he'll do what he must to survive and is not afraid to do the wrong thing to make things right.


Mine is old blind man Cassidy before he went blind.


I do this with every rpg I play; create a vague backstory of how they came to be in the position they’re in by the time I start playing. It’s basically how I spend my time in character creation. I’ll even “evolve” the character as time progresses by adding scars/ markings to their look to portray some of what they’ve gone through. It’s fun.


Yeah when we were infants our parents used to put us in a ball and play soccer


Yep mine owns a security company and an import export business too


Basically my character is my GTA character who got to time travel. Idk.


Tamish DeGrot, Scottish immigrant. Born into a lower class family raised on a small farm that failed due to poor harvests. Got into street fights due to his quick temper, one he got from his father before he was trampled to death by a horse he was trying to steal. Once he was old enough (or much rather large enough) he sold his skills as hired muscle to various individuals looking for protection from street thugs, and to businesses needing another work mule. His love and respect for animals is only comparable to his opposite feelings for his fellow man, should they wish cruelty to the former. He once killed 3 men with his bare hands and 1 with brick, for beating a stray dog, he had been caring for, to death. A former employer saw this and paid for Tamish's boat ride to America so that he could avoid the police. Now here in America he uses tools of trade to find employment where he can, as he did before. But now he is an experience hunter who kills without cruelty and with respect for his prey.


In summery, Sebastian Delgado immigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico to the states to create a living in Strawberry, Louisiana to be able to bring his girlfriend Selena to the US. He started a trading business with a friend named Cripps and collected valuables to sell to Madaam Nazaar. He earns enough money to pay some coyotes to escort Selena to the US. But it all came to an end when the coyotes returned to Sebastian with the heartbreaking news that Selena was found having an affair. Sebastian with a broken heart went off the rails and began turning into an outlaw. He partnered with Maggie to sell moonshine. He partook in several heists and killed dozens of innocents. From there he decided to become a gun for hire, and almost lost all honor and heart. Years later, he met a rich, beautiful, and caring lady from saint Denis by the name of Ashley Taylor. Ashley was born rich as her father owned an oil factory and was running into trouble due to either people backstabbing him or trying to rob him. She hired him to help her father. Over time, Ashley was slowly falling in love with Sebastian. Sebastian had some feelings for her too but often repressed them due to the memories of Selena’s infidelity haunting him and causing him to distance himself from love. Ashley tries to start a romantic relationship but Sebastian often avoids it. But he is slowly opening up to her and she takes the opportunity to get into Sebastian’s heart. From there, Sebastian and Ashley begin a romantic relationship all while he is on the road to healing and redemption. He decided to get a bounty hunting license and decided to help out Harriet with her cause. All to earn enough for his wedding with Ashley.




Elizabeth “Liz” Montgomery. She ran away from her wealthy family when they set up an arranged marriage for her. She didn’t wanna be a house wife, got caught up with some bad people and has since turned to a life of crime.


My character(since we don't stay dead) is basically a revenant. His current name is Silas Faulkner. He's been alive for hundreds of years and was cursed to always return from death. He was originally a farmer in Ireland who lived with his wife and their two children. He then joined the rebellion of the Nine Years' War. During the Siege of Cahir Castle, he was hexed by an attacking soldier and promptly killed. Silas awoke some time later in the forest, dazed and weak. He struggled to make his way home, only to find his wife and children were slaughtered and their farm was burned down. He spent the next few years drifting, avoiding English soldiers and scrounging for supplies to survive. He was later found with a group of rebels and again killed, simply to awake again. Silas decided to flee Ireland despite finding out his state of undeath. He wandered Europe, picking up new skills and learning new cultures. Eventually, Silas found himself on a boat to the Wild West of the United States and found this untamed land was perfect for him. He joined the Civil War as a sharpshooter, fighting for freedom. After the bloody conflicts, Silas found himself working as a bounty hunter and picking up working as a trader and moonshiner. He occasionally will go searching for items worthy of a collection. In the ever growing world, he seeks to build a lasting business to provide a good income and cover up both himself and his activities.


As a roleplayer yes, yes I have. Infact depending on nthe server I have several


All I gotta say, bring back horse masks


I know right. I wish I could let people use mine 🥲


I wish I could have the horse mask too 😭


I know, they need to bring it back 🥲


Me and my friends all have intricate, finely crafted lore around our characters that could honestly make for a killer movie franchise


Mine is an Englishman who came to America to escape his debts in England, he cane with no money and had to build himself up from.scratch to survive. His name is Auncell Bampton. Bit of a strange name but there is a (non-rdr) related story behind it. Me and a friend were playing Medieval 2 Total war hotseat Multiplayer campaign. I was England, He was Venice. One day a little known captain in the English Army, Roger of Bampton; managed to win a huge battle as a result he was promoted as 'man of the hour' and eventually married into the Royal family. Eventually he had a son - Auncell of Bampton. Auncell was born with Zero stats and was pretty much useless, at most stuff so was originally used as a kind of throwaway general or to be married off. However after successfully leading troops in wars actoss europe against France and the Holy Roman Empire, winning battles against huge odds in the thick of the fighting and never being killed. He successfully went on crusade bit on the way had to fight his way through the Byzantine Empire as they wouldn't allow him safe passage, adding their lands to the English empire before recapturing the Holy Land for Christendom. He repeatedly defended Jerusalem from being retaken before making his way home and on the way marrying a beautiful Milanese princess, cementing an alliance between England and Milan and having a son. Stephen of Bampton. In the meantime with the English Royal Family dying out and having very few children, this left the elderly Roger of Bampton as king with Auncell of Bampton as the only legitimate surviving heir to the English throne. So this useless nobody general worked himself up from nothing to the saviour of Christendom, and great, chivalrous, General and leader, with a beautiful wife who then became King of England to boot. After a few more in game years I won the game with King Auncell on the throne. I'd like to think he had a long, happy and prosperous Reign as King after I'd won. As a result, most characters I create in games are called Auncell of Bampton or something to that affect in his honour. It was an epic saga of rising from literally nothing to Lord of all he surveyed.


Yep. Mine is a tough, loner woman who got tired of everyone saying she should settle down, so she moved out west to seek her fortune and support herself on her own. She makes a living collecting and selling valuables/trinkets, hunting rare animals, and exploring the vast wilderness with her trusty horses.


Does a bear shit in the woods ?


Not unless it's in a zoo


Nope. Nationality, appropriate name and age and that's it. I'm more interested in how my character is seen in the eyes of others.




My fella is from the future, (current time). He works for the Time Correction Agency. I thought about it before Loki, before anyone thinks I got it from that. I was actually inspired by part 1 of The Once And Future Thing of Justice League Unlimited. Anyways, he was sent back in time to find a criminal time traveler that retreated to 1899 to hide from the law. My guy arrives, immerses himself in the time to blend in, tracks him down, arrests him, but another gang has been after him. They destroy my guys time machine so he’s forced to work with the only other person he knows, the time traveling criminal, to find a way back home. I don’t know, I make it work in my role playing lol.


No, just every RDO tik tok account


My character is a Chinese immigrant who was essentially forced over here into indentured servitude by some railroad magnate. Once she arrived she was sexually assaulted by her boss. She became pergnant so made and drank the ancient chinese abortion potion of hemlock and witch hazel. Devastated and no longer able to have children she loses it. Looks up at the moon one night and swears vengeance on all the rich bourgeois assholes in this horrible country and especially any who hurt immigrant women. killed and robbed the railroad boss who ran the camp and got a nasty scar on her face to remember him by. Stole his horse and rode off into the moonset for a life of high adventure and independence. Her name is gibbous fran. And she is cool.


I thought about it, but I didn't really


Yes! My main character is myself, but if I wound up being trapped in the wrong time, now just trying to survive. I even have my dog at my campsite. I tried hard to make her look like me, but there is some slight funkiness with the nose and chin. My second character was a wealthy black widow who eventually got caught up, now is on the run, but also loves the crime and doesn’t care to go back to her family. I do play my characters differently. My main, I play how I behave. My second is definitely more dangerous. She doesn’t just kill randoms for no reason, but if you start something she will finish it.


Preacher turned bounty hunter.


My dude is a young middle-eastern merchant


My friends and I character's backstory is like 200 pages long, I got so inspires I started writing a novel out of the backstory


I wanted my outlaw Addie Andersson (1876-1899) to be a part of the Van der Linde gang after being inducted into it as a young girl, a bit like Arthur or John. Addie’s uncle was a greedy man that killed parents, causing her to kill later on out of self defense. She was then wrongfully accused of murdering her entire family and went on a run, and then met the gang. She’s one of Dutch’s gunmen, but got separated from the gang for unknown reasons. She was born in a wealthy family and has Swedish ancestry. She learnt how to shoot as a child and really enjoys stagecoach robberies. Addie is known to be quite frivolous and loves courting anyone she finds attractive. It means that she can also catch a variety of illnesses, such as a tuberculosis she got while being out in town with a random man. She likes collecting things and loves alcohol, often gets drunk in saloons and enjoys riding alone. Addie’s life is a parallel to Arthur’s because she almost lives the same events, but dies before him due to an aggravated state of tuberculosis. I got as far as writing a whole wikia page about her on a Red Dead Fanon website lol


I did lore for two different characters. One being the father, David Bakker, he was a bounty hunter for many years and was well-known throughout west elizabeth and Lemoyne. He was a typical masculine father who was always hard on his son but still very loving. He was the one who jailed the infamous Etta Doyle, but she later escaped. I maxed out bounty hunting and then changed his appearance to his son Raymond. From there, David (the Father) died after Etta came after him for putting her in. This was when Raymond was young (teens) and his mother died years before this too. He slipped into the wrong crowd, got into lots of fights, and became a criminal, working as a moonshiner. He’s a fighter, and doesn’t show his emotions much but remembers David a lot. The government caught up with Raymond, and instead of putting him away they decide to employ him as a bounty hunter like his father. Kill Etta Doyle and he gains his freedom to work as a trader for the remainder of his days, retiring from a life of crime. Even though killing Etta fails the mission, I still do it and quit for the lore. Just another way to make the game fun since Rockstar can’t do it themselves.




Wait is there a photo mod In story? How did do this?


This is online. You can buy the camera at the store or from the journal.